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Important Updates for Our Speakers

From The Alexander Speakers Bureau


On This Page

* Urgent - make sure you're getting the leads
* Tips - for closing more bookings
* Updating - your information with our Bureau
* Payment of commissions due to our Bureau


Please make sure that the automatic emails being sent to you from my Speakers Bureau
are NOT automatically going to your SPAM folder. Do not mark any of them as SPAM even if some of them are filled with SPAM.

Here's why:

The speaking opportunities I'll be sending you are being created from an online form on our web site. When a client inquires, you are one of 3 speakers who have been hand picked for them.

You are going to receive some SPAM emails from our system.
Unfortunately there is no way for us to stop that.
We work constantly to minimize the SPAM but cannot stop it entirely.

If you've received a 'SPAM' lead from my bureau, and marked it as "SPAM" - then the very next lead we send you that could be a high quality $5,000 to $10,000 lead - WILL GO TO YOUR SPAM FOLDER TOO, AND YOU'LL MISSI IT.

I have begun to remove speakers from my Bureau who do not follow up on these leads because the leads are sitting in their SPAM folder unnoticed and not acted on. All my years of creating this FAST system and all the cost of generating the opportunities is being WASTED on them.

Your Cell Phone Number

I am currently looking into a ways that my system can TEXT you to let you know when you have a speaking opportunity lead, so that you know to look for the lead in your email box.

Please make sure we have your current cell phone number so we can TEXT you when we've emailed you a speaking opportunity.

You can email me your cell phone number for receiving texts at Alex@AlexanderVanBuren.com. .

A quick response with just "I got it" is much appreciated.


I accept payment of the 25% commission due to Alexander Speakers Bureau via Pay Pal only. Here is a step by step guide to using Pay Pal to pay me: How to Pay Me.


If a lead is not a match for you, please email me immediately at Alex@AlexanderVanBuren.com so I can update your topics or fees in our system.

Please get on my special email list for my valued speakers who are in my roster at the Alexander Speakers Bureau. It's important that I can email you updates and important changes.

You can get on the list at: Email List For ASB Speakers


Please remember that while you may receive some SPAM emails, the system I have built does something that no other Speakers Bureau in the world does:

•  You receive the complete contact information within SECONDS of the client's inquiry.

•  The client is EXPECTING your call and been told that only 3 speakers were hand-picked for them, so you have the credibility of my bureau behind you when you follow up with them.

•  You only get speaking opportunities emailed to you that match your topics, area and price range. And only 3 speakers are recommended for each inquiry.

•  You get to speak directly to my client and negotiate your rate. You have an extremely high amount of control without our bureau being in the way.

•  You simply pay me 25% when you get paid - > via Pay Pal.

* There is no cost and will never be a cost to be on my active speaker roster.

I welcome and greatly appreciate your feedback and input. Thank you for your cooperation on this SPAM issue, and thank you for being part of my Speakers Bureau!



Tips for Closing More Bookings

1. Please CALL my client ASAP
and continue to follow up with them often. Do not just email them. Some have asked that you send them a link directly to your video, then follow up. See the email I sent you for details.
Speakers who call the client and don't just email close more bookings.

2. Identify yourself
as one of the speakers Alexander hand picked especially for them at their request.
They are expecting you to contact them and you have been recommended by me personally.

3. Roll with it
Some of my clients will not be very responsive. Some will be very responsive. One lead I send you may be a small school struggling to get a budget. The next one may be from Microsoft, the US Army or one of the most successful companies in the world. Several of my clients are fortune 100 companies.

4. Negotiate your rate, then do a contract
If my client decides to book you, negotiate your fee, do a contract with them directly and take care of all the details regarding the engagement. The budget my client has selected is always negotiable and can go both ways --> down or UP. Some speakers have gotten as much as 5 times the original stated budget my client originally indicated.

5. This lead is only for you
You agree not to sub-vend this client or event information to any other speaker or agency.

6. Communicating with me
Please do NOT cc me on email correspondent with my client. Please email me if they decide to book you or not. Please pay me within 7 days of receiving your deposit & balance from my client. Check Payable: Alexander Speakers Bureau If my client books you, let me know the amount for your speech and the amount for any travel/misc. When you receive a speaking opportunity from me, I appreciate a quick email saying "Thanks, I got it" so I know you're on it.

7. Travel expenses
If the presentation is out of town, please keep your travel expenses to 10% or less, if more, email me.

8. Important Info
--> Q and A and how to get more of these leads
--> When you close a booking, how to pay me


Updating Your Speaker Information

Please email changes in your pricing, topics, location etc. to Alex@AlexanderVanBuren.com.

Because I don't have staff any longer, it takes me longer to update speaker's information. .
I appreciate your patience.



Alexander Van Buren
The Alexander Speakers Bureau
Alexander Speakers Bureau .com

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